A big day for Riftworld Chronicles fans!  We have two major announcements:

1) CBC has announced plans to develop a one-hour drama called RIFTWORLD based on the popular web-series, RIFTWORLD CHRONICLES.  Jonathan Williams will write the pilot, and acclaimed showrunner, Robert Cooper, (STARGATE SG-1, ATLANTIS, UNIVERSE) will oversee the development process.

2) A video-game for mobile platforms, RIFTWORLD: HEROES has just received production funding.  The mobile game will be produced in partnership with Belgian company, REED, under the CMF’s Canada-Wallonia Digital Incentive for Multiplatform Projects.  It will be set in Alar’s homeworld, the fantasy universe that intersects with Earth in Riftworld Chronicles. RIFTWORLD: HEROES will have RPG and duelling elements, and will tie in to our other social media platforms to create a persistent, online Riftworld community.